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Astrology Writing Sample

Copyright Lauren Kelley 2022




The New Moon in Leo on July 28, 2022 rocks us from the comfortable stasis of anonymity and dares us to courageously express our individuality. With the newest rebirth of the lunar cycle approaching, we are called to center and embody our own story as equally valid to anybody else’s reality. Although becoming self-assured is a victory in itself, we must move beyond that progress to effectively communicate our story to others, regardless of who may be uncomfortable with our truth. 


Returning to the sign of Leo is a glorious homecoming for the Sun, since this is the part of the sky where it thrives the most. Because the Sun is confident in its own domicile, it has the power to welcome the Moon with open arms, increasing the Moon’s comfortability in a sign where it otherwise lacks dignity. With the two luminaries in the creative sign of fixed fire, we yearn for external validation of our unique identities as individuals. At the moment that the New Moon perfects, both the Sun and Moon will be high in the sky, demanding their brilliance be acknowledged by all. When the Sun and Moon conjugate, our conscious and subconscious minds merge into one, making this is the perfect time to bring your goals into alignment with your habits. Do our actions, words, and relationships reflect who we are and where we want to go? If not, then this is the perfect time to implement new strategies towards becoming more authentic.


As the Sun and Moon connect in Leo, the two are applying towards a beneficial trine with Jupiter in Aries within only 3 degrees. Jupiter is often called "the Greater Benefic”, which means that it bestows the most blessings of all the planets in our solar system, especially during the day when the Sun is above the horizon. Jupiter is currently in the fearless sign of Aries, where its abilities are enhanced by triplicity dignity (help from other planets). The largest planet “receives” the Sun and Moon by Egyptian terms, allowing for an even more harmonious relationship between Jupiter and the two lights. Since Jupiter is overcoming the New Moon (earlier by zodiac sign), its gifts are amplified and more influential, giving us more bang for our buck when we take action. What’s even more amazing about this trine between the lunation and Jupiter is the fact that the latter will be stationing retrograde within 3 hours of the exact New Moon. When a planet stations, it becomes supercharged, giving much more weight to all of the aspects it makes. If you’re looking to start new projects—especially if they’re creative in nature—there couldn’t be a better time to seize the day.


At the time of the New Moon, Mercury is co-present with the luminaries in Leo. The planet of thinking and communication has increased impact because of its location at the point in the sky where the meridian and the ecliptic intersect (the MC). In addition to its elevated location, Mercury is further fortified because it’s positioned in its own Egyptian terms. With a dignified Mercury in the sign of Leo, communication naturally becomes more charismatic, making this a great moment to express yourself and be heard. Despite a greater aptitude for passionately conveying information at this time, our enthusiastic voices may not always be appreciated. The rebellious planet Uranus (which will be in a challenging square with Mercury) may give your opinions a more radical edge, spurring you to shake up the status quo. Simultaneously, imposing Saturn will be opposing Mercury from its home sign of Aquarius, trying to repress anything that doesn’t fit into its narrow and outdated standards. Beware of authority figures, naysayers, or even your own inner critic trying to silence you. Accept resistance as an inevitable part of the journey, but have faith in your intuition and autonomy. There are great opportunities for self-empowerment and visibility right now, and you won’t want them to pass you by.

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